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Ready for the New Year!

Enjoyed meeting K&J yesterday!

Getting to know you…

Getting a foster puppy!!

Starting to realize what “starting over” means…

Talked to "I" yesterday...

Preparing to find the right match

Waiting for the news today

Beta was 4.2 yesterday






6dp3dt - Happy Turkey Day!

5dp3dt – Tests are negative, now they need to go positive!

4dp3dt – I caved!

3dp3dt – the urge to POAS is starting to kick in

2dp3dt check in!

1 Day Post Transfer

Today IS the day!!

Counting down the moments!

Follicular Reduction Done!

What will today bring?

Too good to be true?

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

The anticipation may seriously kill me

Looking better…

Hanging in there

Cautiously optimistic!!

Back in the saddle

Game Plan

Positive OPKs

One hurdle down!

Tap, tap, tap…

To clarify

Dong Quai Tonic Tea...

ACK! What a morning!

New Patient Consult Today

I’m sleepy…

This week is flying by!

Another wonderful day!

My first night visiting...

The Best News EVER!!

HSG Done!

Good stuff to remember

A time of reflection…

Final word is in…

It’s raining…

Ultrasound Number Two… Hanging In There!

Happy 1st Birthday Fiona!

Uncertainty continues...

How nervous am I right now?

Waterworks have commenced!

Hormonal, Again!

Baseline Coming Up!

Lupron next week!

July, July, July…

Hailey Kent - Please Read

Oh the confusion!

Just hanging out!

How did I get so lucky?

Happy Mother’s Day!

4th Lining Check - Cycle Over

3rd Lining Check…

2nd Lining Check…

Numbers are in...

1st Lining Check…

Wow, Am I BEHIND!!

Polyp Removal Done, Waiting for Results!