Counting down the moments!

I am feeling much better today – a little sore in my lower abdomen, but TONS better than yesterday! I am sitting as much as possible and taking it easy, I just want to feel better by the day of transfer. I almost wanted to stay home and rest today, but there’s too much to do at work – and it turns out I’m feeling pretty good so it wouldn’t really have been necessary.

I can’t believe in 48 hours I’ll be pregnant again!! WOW!!

I scheduled acupuncture for an hour after transfer, hopefully that will give us just a little something “extra” to encourage the embies to stick around!

I can’t wait for Friday!! I need to stop at the grocery store and stock up on a few bed rest goodies. I’m tempted to go to Whole Foods and get most of the same things we got last time – for nostalgia and superstitions sake!


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