Baseline Coming Up!

It’s already Tuesday – and my baseline is on Thursday! I’m so excited and ready to find out if we can get cycling, and see how things go from there… I’m just ready, ready, ready!! Things are going great on lupron – I’ve been on it almost a full week now and having very little, if any, side effects (knock on wood). I’m very, very thankful for that of course! Estrogen will hopefully start on Saturday the 5th!

This weekend is going to be TONS of fun – we’re all going to spend Friday and Saturday with Andrea & Brant, two wonderful friends I connected with through SMO way back in November of last year. They live in Macon, Georgia and invited us to spend the July 4th weekend at Andrea’s parent’s lake house! We’re so excited! Kent will get to swim in the lake, and the adults get to kick back, play some cards and just hang out.

Kenneth is getting ready to leave again – he heads out the following weekend, on the 12th, and will be gone most of the month. He’ll be gone over the scheduled transfer, so I’m a little nervous about figuring it all out with him gone, but we’ll make it work! Kent might end up coming with me after all!

I guess that’s about all for now! Hopefully I’ll have news that “its ON” this Thursday!


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