Today IS the day!!

I was horribly bloated yesterday and really miserable from the follicular reduction, and over/hyperstimming... my lower and upper abdomen were very distended and I ached all over. I had called and left my NC a message and asked what I could do to help with that, and when she called back she told me Dr. Kaplan wanted to do another ultrasound prior to transfer to "evaluate me"... when I asked if it had to do with the bloating she said no... so of course I got worried and thought "CRAP all this and somethings going to be off tomorrow..." I woke up at 3:00am this morning and did laundry and talked with Kenneth (who was up too)... I was restless and couldn't stop worrying/thinking about what today was going to hold... I kept hearing that still small voice saying "It's going to be ok!" and I was holding on to that!! I went to acupuncture at 9:00 and am glad I did - put me in a very relaxed physical and mental state and I came out of there feeling positively and smiling and visualizing everything going very smoothly.

When I got to the clinic at 10:00 we ended up not being taken back until 10:45 (Gail had asked me to get there by 10:15 for my initial u/s eval, the original appointment was 10:30 with 11:30 for transfer). They took us back to the "other" side of the clinic where the embryology dept is, took my weight and had me pee in a cup. Then I went back for the ultrasound. Dr. Kaplan came in a little after 11:00 and did the scan... she said my ovaries are very enlarged and there was a small amount of fluid but not enough for her to take any out. Then they asked the embryologist if they were ready for transfer and holy crap!! I chugged a little of my water, but my ovary was so enlarged it was pushing my uterus into place just fine. Kenneth was with me and we watched those 3 precious possibilities being placed into my womb.

3 of the 4 embabies survived and were dividing well - they said they looked very good. There were 2 4-celled and 1 5-celled (last time we had 3 8-celled); that's all they told me about them; but they seemed happy with how they looked.

Dr. Kaplan said my uterus looks "great"!! Wow!! She's still concerned about my ovaries though, and they sent me home with the hyperstim sheet and things to look for and told me to avoid salt, drink tons of gatorade/fluids, and elevate my feet if possible to help dispurse the fluid.

We stopped for McDonalds fries on the way home and I've been telling the embabies all about how Fiona enjoyed her stay and how I know they will too if they would just snuggle on in - we'll have a great 8 months together!!

I called my IM as soon as we left the clinic (I couldn't believe how quickly they had us in and out of there - and no formal post-transfer instructions!), and gave her the news - she was thrilled to hear we had 3 for transfer which she was excited to hear. Now I will continue to believe, hope, and pray that today a new loved one (or two) for them is just beginning their life...


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