3rd Lining Check…

Progesterone: 0.2

Estradiol: 1745

So, things are getting there (better than Monday) but not there yet. I'm up to a 6.6mm lining (from 5.7mm on Monday) still a grade IE+ to TL (which is good) and no fluid! I’m staying on my meds another couple days and having a recheck on FRIDAY!! If that one is good then we'll aim for a Tuesday transfer and I'd fly to NJ on Sunday and spend a day with my IPs before transfer. I talked to my IM this morning, and she's so sure it’s going to happen, and already planning everything out... I really hope it happens! We had a great conversation; she wants me to come on Sunday so we have all day Monday to go to Atlantic City and she is so curious to see how Fiona will react to me – its VERY sweet and my heart melted all over again as we were talking… Her and my IF decided they want me to stay at their home the whole time so they can take care of me and make sure I rest, and so I can spend more time with Fiona… I just keep thinking how BLESSED and lucky I truly am.

I had another acupuncture session yesterday as well, which was wonderful. This is my 3rd and I really zoned RIGHT OUT this time. It was pretty cool – I keep wondering if I’m just falling asleep or what, but the time just FLIES by! My acupuncturist was very positive and encouraging. I really like him!

Now to stay busy and hope for the best on Friday… I feel like my heart is in my throat!


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