Enjoyed meeting K&J yesterday!

Kenneth, Kent, and I met K&J (and their very adorable 5-year old) yesterday at their house - it was really nice! We sat on the couch and talked for about three hours before I thought to ask what time it was and couldn't BELIEVE it was 4:30 already!! Time went really fast. They asked us both about why we wanted to do this, and talked some about surrogacy itself - but mainly just chit chat. They invited us to a late lunch/early dinner and we went to a Japanese steak house place, where they cook on the hibachi in front of you - Kent hasn't been to one of those since he was LITTLE and was thoroughly impressed with all the flames and throwing of utensils!! It was a lot of fun!

They made us feel very welcome, and just genuinely seem like warm, family oriented, nice people. I was happy to meet them, and really enjoyed our afternoon together. I look forward to whatever happens next!

Kenneth gets to spend the next couple days cleaning up the house and getting ready to have everyone over on Wednesday for his birthday party (I know its wrong that he has to clean for HIS party, but he's home and I'm not, so it falls to him)! I am looking forward to having everyone over, it's been awhile since we hosted! I have a lot to do to get ready though! Kent gets to come to work with me tomorrow, and we'll probably leave early to get the shopping done and get home to help finish up whatever needs to be done at the house.


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