Hanging in there

So, a lot of ground to catch up on – I had another lining check on Saturday November 1st which was also good – a 7mm grade B+ lining, but follicles were still small. So my follistim was upped and I started ganirelix to keep me from ovulating, and took one more dose of Estradiol Valerate. At my next check on Tuesday the 4th my lining decreased to a 5.6mm, follicles weren’t really growing still (they were at about 7mm I think). Upped follistim again, and rechecked on Friday the 7th. Lining was down to a 4mm but follicles had grown a little (I think she said most were at about an 8mm at that point). I have 20 on the right and 10 on the left (too bad this isn’t an egg donor cycle)! My estrogen had decreased, and it seems to be the reason Dr. Kaplan wants to check at least once more. She stopped the ganirelix (which she said was probably suppressing me and keeping the follicles from growing/keeping the estrogen from being produced to support my lining).

I have another lining/follicle check this morning, after being on 3 days of 225 units of follistim. I’ve felt some twinging over the last couple days, and had EWCM, but have no clue if that means anything or nothing at all… I am having a hard time imagining that after all this time and 2 decreases in a row that my lining will have rebounded – but I’m not giving up yet… hopeful… I’m always hopeful!


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