Just hanging out!

Well, my period started on Friday the 23rd. I was home sick that day with an awful cold that has migrated around between my throat, ears, head and chest. I called Cooper to tell them and was asked to go get labs that same day. So I drove all the way into Atlanta just for labs… when I got results my estrogen was over 300 – way too high to start cycling. They weren’t sure at that point it if was just break through bleeding or what was going on, as it didn’t make sense for it to be my period. It is though; I’m on day 7 and still having a very light flow. So, I get labs done again tomorrow to see what’s going on! I have a feeling I’ll be going on BCPs or at least waiting until my next period before we can start cycling.

I asked Terri at Cooper what she thought, if we were going to be able to continue cycling until we get it right, or if there are any indications Cooper will “pull the plug” – she said she thinks we should keep trying until we get there, and she’s not heard anything from the Doctor’s indicating otherwise. That gave me some relief! I am really, really excited and hopeful for our next cycle and just FEEL that we’re going to get there!! I am just so ready!! :)


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