Waterworks have commenced!

I had my first bought of estrogen induced tears yesterday, I knew it was coming! :) Since I’m strictly on estrace this time, my levels have risen slower so its taken longer to get to this point (which is nice), but they started yesterday. We were watching animal planet and I was tearing up during “It’s Me or the Dog” every time the dog made an improvement, and then I was laughing at myself because I know how ridiculous it all is!

It’s been a busy and very fun weekend! On Saturday a friend I met online through the surrogacy boards came over, she was here from out of town for training, and it was SO COOL to meet her in person! I’m really glad she got to come over to our house, so we could have a relaxed visit. I wasn’t initially expecting to meet at home though, so when I found out Saturday afternoon that we were doing that instead of meeting out somewhere I freaked out and had to rush around the house tidying and attempting to clean up a little (yes, I HATE cleaning, and between the dogs and my 2 boys, the house is usually in at least a slight state of disarray!) Anyhow, we ended up having to run out to “rescue” Kenneth because the Harley broke down for the first time ever as well , and after that we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner (YUMMY)!! She got to stay a little bit longer and Kent was having fun showing her his Mars Mission Lego’s, and then she had to be on her way back to her hotel (it was about an hours drive).

On Saturday Kent and I went to a movie, and then we met up with another good friend of mine I met through the online boards, Robin – she’s now 34 weeks with twins and ready to pop! She looks absolutely amazing, just gorgeous even if she is very uncomfy and ready to meet the girls and see them with their parents! I got to meet her boyfriend as well. We had dinner out at On the Border (I’ve eaten out way too much this weekend)!

Kenneth left very early Sunday morning for his Annual Training in Hawaii for about 3 weeks, and I miss him and haven’t heard from him yet. I hope he gets the chance to call me once or twice! Especially since transfer might be happening next week… I want him to know what’s going on. I am bummed about the timing – I will have to find out if family can keep Kent, and will have to board the dogs – but those are just details… I am SO excited that this might be it… I can’t tell you how deep to my core ready I am!

Hopefully I’ll be back by Friday with an update… prayers are welcome! :)


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