Talked to "I" yesterday...

Oh that was a hard conversation... the first time we've talked on the phone since the news of the negative... she was really sad, both of us were tearing up during the call... they feel as though they've just lost their babies, and know there are no more attempts, and are hurting... So we hurt together for a little while... I think "I" felt bad that she hadn't called since the beta results, but I told her of course I knew they needed some time to grieve and work through everything together, and I was here whenever she was ready. I told her how sorry I was, and how I wish there was something more I could have done... I think we both know we both gave it everything and these little guys just weren't as strong as the embryos Fiona came from. I know they wanted so much for her to have a little brother or sister. "I" was telling me about a birthday party they went to with Fiona, and she was having so much fun playing with these 2 little boys... My heart broke all over again.

I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope it gets a little easier each day... I can only imagine how difficult this is right now for them.

As for me, things right now are getting crazy with the Holidays coming, and there's so much to do between work, and Christmas shopping, and errands... I'm trying to figure out how to get it all done and am planning to put in a couple long days at work to try to catch up here. I have to run a few office and personal errands today too, candy and dishwasher soap for the office, post office to mail presents and Men's Warehouse to drop off Kenneth's suit for pressing for the office Holiday Party this weekend!

We also have my MIL's birthday get together on Saturday afternoon, at lunch. I don't think we have plans for Sunday yet (and am hoping to keep it that way, I want to get some cookie baking done some time soon). Then Christmas week will be here! Ack!! I still don't know what I"m getting Kenneth for his birthday or Christmas (his birthday is Christmas Eve)!!


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