A time of reflection…

I’m on the last couple days of Provera, and my period will most likely be here soon. I am moving forward with getting the hysterosalpingogram done within a week of AF starting… I have been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking lately about my journey and where my heart is. I am not 100% certain which way things will go for me in the near future. I have told T&I that all of these cycling issues have me feeling pretty stressed out, and the meds themselves have made me feel poorly. Mainly I just keep wondering if I am really the right person for their little totsicles last chance. I want them to have the BEST chance possible, and I worry with all the issues I’ve had whether or not that really is me… Whatever happens, having the HSG done will be reassuring, to verify that everything looks good with me and my tubes.

I will be fully off meds of all kinds this next month, and think that will definitely be a good thing for my body! I’m looking forward to seeing how different I feel once they’re all out of my system!


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