Beta was 4.2 yesterday

The clinic got back to me quickly yesterday, before noon, to let me know my beta came back at 4.2 and didn’t look good… she asked if I wanted to stay on meds and retest on Friday and I said that was totally up to T&I but I was sure they’d want to at least check one more time.

Then I got a call from Irena in the afternoon saying the clinic told them that 1 or less was negative, but it wasn’t positive until it was over 10 and I was “in between”. They told them they’d had someone with a beta as low as mine go on to carry triplets!! I was really shocked they told them that, and gave them that kind of hope… It upset me a little, because I really don’t think this is going to turn into a viable pregnancy, and will have to let them down again on Friday… :( I just wish the clinic had been a little more realistic with them… if by some miracle we ARE pregnant and this turns into a viable pregnancy, I’d rather be HAPPY surprised with news on Friday, rather than having to say “no, it’s still negative” after they were hoping it would be a higher number…


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