New Patient Consult Today

I had my consult with Dr. Kaplan at Georgia Reproductive today, as a new patient instead of just an OOT monitoring patient.

I think overall it went pretty well. Dr. Kaplan was very receptive to a natural cycle, and she actually did a baseline ultrasound on me since I've been spotting for 3 days, and my lining was thin. She has some concerns about how things are looking, one of my ovaries may have several cysts on it and my lining was very thin (which is appropriate, but I should have had more bleeding than just a little spotting leading up to such a thin lining). I think she has some concerns about my body getting back on track by itself, but she's running several tests on me (labwork, which I'm going in for in about an hour). If my body is able to get back on track and my labs look ok, we could transfer in as little as 2 weeks, maybe 3... there's a lot that has to get done between now and then though, paperwork from my IPs on the embryos, transferring the embryos here, etc.

Dr. Kaplan also suggested that if my lining doesn't get to the right point where they'll transfer that she'd recommend an Endometrial Function Test (EFT) She said if we look ok to transfer, we don't have to waste that month by doing the test, but if I can't transfer anyway, she'd recommend the test to make sure my endometrium is healthy and has the "sticky" stuff for good implantation. (Though, I don't think that is my problem!!)

So, labs tomorrow and then we go from there!


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