To clarify

No… I do NOT want to end up pregnant with quads. Now that I’m awake, I had to add that!!

Still waiting on lab results, I e-mailed the coordinator yesterday (Erika) and haven’t heard back from her either. My IPs haven’t heard from them yet either (GRS is supposed to get in touch with T&I to let them know what all is needed from them in terms of paperwork, etc. and to get the embryos transferred).

I’m looking forward to this weekend! Kenneth is gone running a marathon with the Marines in Maryland, so Kent and I have a few days of just us time. Tonight we’re going to bake a homemade apple pie, but not for dessert, for breakfast tomorrow! My aunt used to do that when I’d visit her, and it’s such a special memory I have that I wanted to pass that along to him. He’s really excited about it, he’s been reminding me the last couple days every morning and night… he’s so funny!

I also have Rocky Balboa from Netflix at home and lots of new stuff on my DVR, so I’m sure we’ll have a relaxing weekend at home, though we have a charity walk on Saturday to go to, so we won’t be total couch potatoes!!


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