1 Day Post Transfer

Wooooo hoooo!! Today I'm already a day past transfer - wow!!! I'm so excited and can't wait for the next week to go by, and to get closer to finding out if we have another little Baby S baking!! I need to do a little more reasearch into the hcg trigger shot and when I could realistically expect to get a TRUE positive test with a HPT; I'm thinking at the very earliest I'll test Friday, maybe next Saturday - that would be almost 2 full weeks since trigger, so I should be ok by then (tomorrow will already be one week since trigger).

I am going to look back and read over what I was experiencing at this point with Fiona's transfer, because I'm already feeling a specific twingy spot low on my right hand side which I distinctively remember very soon after her transfer - I know it doesn't really mean a whole lot because these are 3-dayers and they were frozen, so it will still be a couple days for them to implant. I do admit it makes me hopeful though - we've been having lots of discussions about snuggling in - hopefully they're tuning in to all the positive thoughts headed their way! :)

I'm taking it easy as much as possible and plan to pretty much stay in bed Sunday before returning to work on Monday... I know there's not really any clear indication that bedrest helps with implantation/successful transfers, but it certainly doesn't hurt! My poor hubby gets to be the errand boy for another 24 hours! :)


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