Dong Quai Tonic Tea...

Blech!! It's yucky (well, to me) but I've started drinking it in hopes of helping my body regain its hormonal balance... I know its in there somewhere!! :)

I have only been drinking it since yesterday, and it says 1 cup of tea a day, so today was number two... It's got a weird cinnamony, spicey flavor to it. I am more of an earl grey or black tea with half & half and sugar... so this is different then my normal "cup of tea"...!! :p (Sorry, I'm tired... it seemed funny at the time...)

Hopefully I'll hear back in the next couple days from the RE on my lab results, I want so much to hear everything is ok!!! I just can't get over how long we've been working towards this transfer, I think if karma catches up with us, we're going to end up pregnant with quads with how patient we've been and how hard we've been working towards this goal! :)


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