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Crossing Fingers & Toes!

Ho hum...

A few more items checked off the list!

Mock Transfer done!

Yikes!! Where Has the Time GONE?!

Appointments made, testing list in hand!

Mid-October Check In!

January Countdown...

Quick Update

Addictive, I Tell You!

All Cleared by the OB!

5 weeks post partum now! :)

3 Weeks Post Partum! :)

1 Week Post Partum Today! :)

She's HERE!!

39 weeks today! :)

38w5d - It's Monday!!

38w4d Today's Happenings! :)

38w1d Just Checking In

37w5d No Sleep!

37w3d Check In! :)

37w2d - Not Too Much Going On (yet)! :)

37w1d - Biophysical u/s and not feeling so great

36w5d - Oh the pressure! :)

Yay for Hubby Calling Home!

What Is Going On Tonight (36w2d)?

36 week Ultrasound and OB Appointment

35w6d Great Phone Call With IPs! :)

35 weeks 2 days - my visit to L&D!

So Many Thoughts...

Sleeping Good?!!

PBO is in process!

32.5 week OB Appointment

32 Week Ultrasound

30 week OB Appt Update!

29 weeks!! OB Appt & Ultrasound Update

27 Weeks - Cruising Along!

~25 week OB appointment

24 Week Ultrasound (Fetal Echo)

5.5 months along ~ 23 weeks!

21 weeks today!! OB appt update!

T&I are the proud expectant parents of a....