ACK! What a morning!

Today I was supposed to go in and get several labs drawn (B-12, ferritin, AMA anti mullerian hormone, and the insulin/glucose fasting test, followed by drinking the evil nasty orange stuff and a re-draw for insulin/glucose 2-hours later). I already knew I'd be there at least 2 hours (obviously), and I'd stopped by to see the lab tech yesterday on my way home with the orders from Dr. Kaplan to ask her if the format they'd given them to me was all she needed. She'd said yes and told me to come back this morning and we'd do them all. Well, I didn't ask enough questions obviously because the format I had them in (written on a med script pad) was not what was needed if I wanted the labs run under Dr. Kaplan's name and not my OB's name (I was using the lab at my OB's office). She was just going to run them under my OB's name and CC Dr. Kaplan. That doesn't work with my insurance... so in any event, I had to place phonecalls, leave messages and wait for GRS to call me back. They did and we got everything worked out, but I didn't have my first draw done until almost 10:00am, so my second draw was right at 12:00 noon... I felt like crap by then, a total empty stomach for over 12 hours, and all that sugary stuff in my system... I still feel pretty sick, but I was light headed, extremely tired, and felt sick to my stomach by the time I left the doctor's office. I know its not great, but I wanted food bad, and quickly, so I swung through McDonald's for a hamburger before running my two errands and now I'm home... I think I might crash for an hour, I think I need it.

I have a teleconference for work at 3:00 and Kent should be home right around then as well. I haven't heard from his school today, so I'm assuming he's feeling much better. He was really sick yesterday, waking up with a fever over 100 and a deep chest cough. He'd been sick Sunday as well, but we'd hoped a day of rest might have him feeling better. He seemed MUCH better this morning, much more lively than he has the last couple of days.

I didn't get much real work done today, well really none yet, but I got those tests done, and I hope the results come out ok... it'll probably be no earlier than Friday before results are available. Hopefully Dr. Kaplan's office will call me then.


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