Oh the confusion!

I had a lining and blood work check yesterday. My lining is a 5.1mm thickness, and showing a pattern – so it’s estrogenized. However, my ovaries are totally quiet (both Dr. Kaplan and her assistant did scans on me to check). They’re not sure where the estrogen is coming from! Terri at Cooper is perplexed as well, but said I’m not the only one they’ve seen this in recently. I don’t know if that’s comforting to me or not!! In any event, they want another lab check next Monday unless I get a period before then (which I doubt I will). So, we’re probably going to be just waiting for a period for a couple weeks, then hopefully my hormones will have regulated and we can start cycling again. Looks like we’re aiming for July! Brings back oh so fond memories… Fiona will be one in July, and this July will be 2 years since our very first cycle… Amazing!!


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