Lupron next week!

Just hanging out, watching the days tick by. I start lupron in exactly 5 more days, and then 4 days after that I take my last BCP – my baseline is on Thursday, July 3rd with Estrace starting on Saturday the 5th. I am SO ready! Our tentative transfer date is the 22nd. I am feeling positive that we’re going to get to transfer this time – now it’s a matter of whether or not everything is ready on the 18th at my final check or if I’ll have to coast another 3-4 days on meds to thicken up enough. I am hoping SO hard that it works out for the 22nd – so I can fly up for Fiona’s birthday. That would be really special, though just being there at ALL is of course going to be really special! I guess that’s it for now!


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