Positive OPKs

I got 3 positive OPKs in a row – 2 on Saturday, and one Sunday afternoon. I want to test again today to confirm its gone negative, but I don’t have anymore and am debating buying another box… but I’ll probably have to test next month anyway, so I guess I’ll go grab a box this afternoon just to make sure!

In any event, I called my IPs to tell them, and called the clinic to get in touch with them about whether or not it was at all possible to get in this month and/or what the next step should be.

Gail talked to Tom this morning and called me back about a half hour ago. They want me to come in today, in about an hour, to look at my lining and see what’s going on and how thick it is. Then they most likely are going to ask me to go have an EFT test done and assuming that is ok, we’ll move forward with a November cycle/transfer (almost exactly 2 years from Fiona’s transfer date, so that’s kind of cool)! :) I think we’re bummed they couldn’t get us in for October, but I’m not surprised since none of us have really been in communication with GRS since my initial consult 2 weeks ago and I know there’s still a lot to get done (paperwork and embryo’s sent to GRS, etc.). I am NERVOUS right now… I have everything possible crossed that my lining will look ok for once, all on its own… I’m praying SOO hard it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing for a change… I will know sometime after 1:20pm!


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