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Tomorrow... tomorrow!!

One more day almost done!

It's Ultrasound Week!

Your pregnancy: 6 weeks

Beta update!

Beta Day - Take Three!


So ready for the next beta!!

Your pregnancy: 5 weeks

4 weeks 5 days

16dp3dt - Beta is IN! :)

4 weeks 4 days, 16dp3dt - Repeat Beta Day!

4 weeks 3 days, 15dp3dt

13dp3dt / 4 weeks 1 day!

1:45pm... Beta is IN!!

To pass the time...

12dp3dt!! BETA DAY!!

11dp3dt - almost beta day!

10dp3dt check in!

9dp3dt count down 'til beta day!

8dp3dt Quick PM Check In

8dp3dt Gotta LOVE the digi's!!

7dp3dt PM check in! :)

6dp3dt evening update.... :D :D :D

6dp3dt - trucking along!

5dp3dt PM check in

5dp3dt AM

4dp3dt evening check in

4dp3dt... starting to obsess... more...