Follicular Reduction Done!

The follicular reduction went down this morning, mostly on schedule. I had taken one demerol and one vicodin at 8:00am - so I was feeling pretty good. The clinic didn't give me any more drugs then that, so I was awake and fairly uncomfortable during the procedure. But I'm pretty stoic, so it was ok - the initial "puncture" when the needle went into the ovary surprised me, and there was a lot of pinching feelings, and pressure... but Dr. Kaplan was "in and out" in about 20 minutes total. She took a look at my lining again too (which was the only thing I was really worried about) and said everything was fine.

We're set for an 11:30am transfer on Friday!! (I got my calendar last night and talked over everything with Amy from GRS.)

I took my first medrol and doxy this morning, and start prometrium on Thursday... I got all emotional this afternoon on Kenneth, just can't believe its finally our turn... I am so grateful!!

Right now I am achy/crampy, but I had some pain meds left from my polyp removal procedure, so I took one of those... I feel a little better with each hour that goes by, so I'll probably be stiff but hopefully ok by tomorrow.

The RE left about 3-4 eggs in there to ovulate to help get the natural progesterone going...

Thank you SO MUCH to my friends for being there for me during all the ups and downs - what a ride!!! I pray its JUST beginning!!


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