Polyp Removal Done, Waiting for Results!

The procedure was last Thursday and I think everything went really well! (I have a foggy memory of Dr. Kaplan stopping by to talk to me in recovery). From what I remember she said there were “a bunch” of polyps, and some scar tissue, but it sounded like she got everything. Now we wait for the pathology results on the polyps, and then GRS will send Cooper a report on everything and clear me to start cycling, and we’ll get a calendar and be OFF! :)

The only negative that happened, is during the procedure somehow I ended up with a pinched nerve in my back which has caused me pretty severe pain since Thursday afternoon. Today (Tuesday) is the first day I am NOT taking the heavy pain meds they prescribed for me. The pain meds took the edge off the pain, but they really had me messed up. I haven’t been eating or sleeping well the last couple of days. I took 2 pills yesterday morning when I got to work and was is a fog all day, really tired and light headed. So I didn’t take anymore the rest of the day and was able to sleep pretty well last night! I feel ok today. Still stiff in my back, but I’m trying to only take OTC meds instead of the heavy stuff and see if I can make it through the day. It’s definitely getting better each day, so I’m sure it will be fully healed up soon.

So to back track a little and recap the surgery day! Kenneth dropped me off at work that morning, on his way to class (around 7:30 am I think). I was already counting down to 10:45 when one of my co-workers was going to take me over to Northside. I was really excited! I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since midnight the night before and my tummy grumbled a little while the hours ticked by slowly.

Finally time came to go, and my friend dropped me off at 11:00am. I got checked in and registered, and sent back to surgery waiting. I was there about 15 minutes and then taken back to pre-op. They ran over everything with me, checked my wrist band numerous times, had me undress and get into the stylish hospital gown, and then there was more waiting. I talked to the anesthesiologist, and eventually the nurse came to give me my IV. She stuck me twice, and got a vein in my hand the second time. She didn’t really like the drip (it was really slow), and she messed with it a few times (which was unpleasant). She gave me some relaxation meds and then I sort of dozed off until they came to take me to surgery. I was wheeled back and settled on the operating table. The anesthesiologist also didn’t like the drip, and played with it and ended blowing the vein. So, she stuck me 2 more times trying to get a new IV in and gave up and called the head anesthesiologist! He stuck me three MORE times before finally getting a vein by my elbow. It was unpleasant, but not too bad. I kept picturing my IPs faces when Fiona was delivered as my “happy place”! :)

So, once the IV was in, they gave me the oxygen mask and I was out a few seconds later. I woke up in recovery, fairly alert. Dr. Kaplan came by to talk to me and give me a quick recap and then I was sent to a room where Kenneth was brought in to wait with me while the anesthesia wore off a little more. We were probably in that room less than half an hour before they let me get dressed, gave me my discharge papers and sent us home. I think it was a little after 3:00 when we got in the car to go home. They let me have a soda before I left, which was nice! It felt good to get something in my stomach!

I rested that evening, and ended up staying home on Friday mainly because of the back pain more than anything. Kenneth went and picked up my prescription for me so I was pretty out of it over the weekend on those! :)

That’s the recap! Now we wait, hopefully not too much longer, for the report. I was told about a week from surgery. So, I’ll call tomorrow to check for an update. I’m HOPING they can get everything to Cooper by Thursday and maybe we can get a calendar going by Friday! (Probably wishful thinking though, I’m sure we won’t really hear anything on a calendar until sometime next week).


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