5dp3dt – Tests are negative, now they need to go positive!

Yesterday’s test had a definite faint line that was easily visible, the test I took this morning MAY have a SHADOW of a line (if I squint and tilt it just right), but it’s essentially negative, so anything positive from here on out IS the real deal!! I am crossing fingers, legs, toes and arms that it shows up by Friday… I want to give my IPs good news this weekend VERY badly!!

I am feeling fine, just tired and the cramps I've been experiencing seem to be subsiding (though I had a painful bout yesterday afternoon - but not feeling much this morning). I checked my temp on a whim last night and it was 99.2 – so that is a good sign. I had a temp dip yesterday morning (I’ve been charting), so maybe, maybe, maybe that was an implantation dip… we shall see. I’m praying so hard for these little embryos!! They’ve waited a long time to get a chance at life, I pray one or two will get that chance and that they’re snuggled in…

I worked until about 7:30pm last night on a project that’s going out today – and will work a full day today as well, but am so excited about the 4-day weekend coming up! Though I do have to come into the office at some point over the weekend and pull out all the Christmas decorations and get that in place! I always enjoy that task!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a 2nd line…


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