How did I get so lucky?

I had a long chat with my IM last night, and I was so choked up by the end of it. I WISH I had a recording of the conversation, so I could play it over, and over, and over, and over again... (I'm getting teary reliving it)... I cannot tell you how many times she said to me "We are only doing this with you, you are our last chance for a sibling for Fiona, if its not with you its not happening, we love you, we appreciate you, we are so thankful for everything you have done for us, we appreciate all of your hard work and effort, we know you are doing everything you can do, we will try as many times as it takes..." We talked about taking a month off to let my body rest, my IF feels strongly that we should, my IM and I could go either way. I certainly don't think it would hurt to take a break, so I'm all for it if it will give them that extra peace of mind, and who knows, maybe an extra med free month WOULD be a good thing! On the flip side, I was all excited about getting to go to NJ right around my birthday for transfer in June!!

They are concerned that Cooper is going to get to the point where they refuse to work with me again, and that's why they want to make sure we do all we can to make this next cycle be IT!! I was never told this straight out, but last time Cooper told them on my last cycle that they wouldn't work with me again if that one didn't get me to transfer... doesn't surprise me, but we're on our 3rd real cycle again and I'm sure they are going to tell them the same thing again... I really, really do feel positive about it though, I am looking forward to hearing what protocol they want to try and hope they come to the same conclusions I have, and I really hope this is IT! I feel like it will be, whether it’s June or July... I just feel humbled by T & I. They have to be some of the most genuinely fantastic people I have EVER met, and to know they really seem to feel the same about me... just blows my mind how blessed I am. It really, really does.

My IM kept telling me too, what a good surromom I was to Fiona and that she's such a good baby, giving me credit for her good baby!!! I laughed and told her I think her genetics and parenting might have a little something to do with it too!! I just feel warm from my head to my toes... I really do, and in all honesty I am thankful for the last 2 cycles and the time we've had because I feel so reconnected to them again, so 100% recommitted to them. I just feel at peace again and that fills me up with nothing but positivity.


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