The Best News EVER!!

I am still all tingly excited and happy today, and had to come share!!

My IM and I were talking yesterday on the phone and just confirming our plans for this next cycle (hopefully in October – if my records ever show up so we can get things going with Georgia Reproductive), and when we moved on to chit chat I asked her how she was doing. She mentioned she was tired as usual, because she just doesn't have much help from anyone and Fiona doesn't nap/sleep for long, so she's a little worn out. I told her I would come babysit for a weekend!! She told me I was always welcome there, and somehow that evolved into her actually asking me if I could come up, and if so when, which evolved into me buying a ticket last night!

I am going up to see them September 4th through 8th! I am SOO STINKIN' EXCITED!! I haven't seen them in person since Fiona was three days old... and we've been working on getting to transfer since February of this year, so I've been hoping to see them for MONTHS now - and now I get to, for a long weekend, and I am jumping up and down!!

I keep asking myself how did I get so lucky?!

I will be taking LOTS of pictures, and can't wait to share them! Now to count down the days...



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