Today's report is not very exciting... the test was essentially negative - there is a super-duper, surro-eyes only faint 2nd line, but essentially negative, and today is 12 days since my trigger shot, so I guess now the shot is truly out of my system and I hope and pray for some good news with tomorrow's test. I thought about testing tonight (Fiona's first positive was at 7dp3dt, but at mid-day, not FMU)... I just don't have as many tests this time and don't want to torture myself with more testing if its not going to show a second line - I figure it will either show up tomorrow or not... and even if it showed up tonight it doesn't change anything, so I will wait... I am praying HARD... I have felt a few twinges in that same spot, but not much in the last couple days. I have run a low-grade temp the last couple days (99.0-99.1) and my AM temp was higher this morning... oh I want good news tomorrow SO BAD.


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