4dp3dt – I caved!

Yep, I caved. I went and picked up 6 Answer brand HPTs last night. Not testing, not knowing if the hcg is still in my system and being able to tell when it’s “real” was killing me! I have no willpower, I know! :) I took the first one this morning (hey, at least I waited ‘til morning and didn’t test as soon as I got home!) and there is definitely still a faint positive line on there. I will watch it over the next couple days to see if it goes away completely before coming back or if it just gets darker (I hope, I hope, I hope)!! :)

Still very nauseated this morning, and hungry earlier than normal. Twinging/cramping in that same spot low on the right… sort of an ache right now. Every time I feel it, I think “snuggle in little embie, dig in!!” I’m very tired too, but am sure that has to do with the progesterone. 8 more days ‘til beta day!

I’m going to send my IPs a quick update and just let them know about the cramps and the nausea, and the test – and then we’ll all wait impatiently to see what the next day’s test says! I still have 3 days to do until I got my first positive with Fiona, so I know it’s really early…


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