HSG Done!

I haven't posted an update in quite awhile! :) I had my HSG on Monday the 18th and it went really well, everything looks great!

I was told that we'd probably not be able to cycle until October with GRS as their labs are shut down in September, or something along those lines, but we're moving forward with getting my charts sent to GRS so we can have a chart review and see if Dr. Kaplan would support a natural cycle for me.

I'm off of ALL meds this month and feeling really good! I'm on CD11 and charting my temps and starting OPKs to monitor my cycle. I'm sure my body is pretty out of whack after all those meds, but I hope it will "recover" quickly - I'm a little nervous about no birth control and know I need to be EXTRA EXTRA careful right now!

Cooper received my results and said we could cycle again in September with double the pills (twice a day instead of once a day), along with injectable delestrogen and patches - I told my IPs I'd be willing to cycle in September with Cooper if they wanted to get going again. I know having a couple months off is going to be really good for me, but of course part of me wants to get going again too - so I leave it up to them! I think at this point we're all pretty settled on the idea of transferring the totsicles here and cycling/transferring naturally in October. I'm so hopeful that we get to do a natural cycle, to see how my body does all by itself!

Anyhow, that's all for now! Hopefully we'll have our consult with Dr. Kaplan in the next couple weeks, as soon as I get copies of my chart.


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