Getting to know you…

I have really enjoyed the last couple days, I have had the opportunity to talk with two great couples and will get to meet K & J this weekend. K contacted me after seeing my name on the SMO unmatched list, and it turns out they live only about 15 miles away! They are so close – it’s amazing! She has been great to talk to, and we’ve spoken on the phone a couple times and plan to meet this Sunday and see how things go, and if we all click.

I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking to another wonderful couple through one of the agencies I’ve spoken to – they are great, and I’ve really enjoyed our correspondence. They live a plane ride away, and I think the distance is of concern as they want to be very involved in the pregnancy – which is WONDERFUL!

And on the home front, our foster puppy is doing a little better each day. We picked her up last Sunday, and I was just filled with such anger and sadness when I saw her the first time… slinking along the floor, petrified and SO SKINNY. You can see every rib, her hips protrude, and her stomach is pulled taught… she just broke my heart… She spent pretty much the whole ride home shivering and shaking at my feet, but letting me pet her – that whole night she hid at the back of the kennel we put in the living room (with the door open for the most part) and was just scared… over the last couple days, I’ve already seen good progress with her and am very hopeful she’ll come out of her shell and be a happy and healthy dog given enough time and enough love and attention. She has come out of the kennel more, and sniffed around the house, and she loves our other dogs, wagging her tail around them and trying to stay close. Last night she settled down enough to lie down next to me and Sadie (our Rottweiler) and rest a little while I petted her. She has such a sweet little face; I know she’s going to have no trouble finding a good home when it’s time. We don’t know for sure yet if she’s pregnant, and after seeing the shape she’s in I really hope she’s not… but we’ll take her to the vet in about 3 weeks for them to confirm one way or another. In the mean time we’re trying to encourage her to eat more (she won’t eat much, even with all the wet food and treats we mix in), and to learn that people can give lots of nice attention!


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