Wow, Am I BEHIND!!

So, I am already well into cycling! We started meds on April 22nd after a baseline labs and ultrasound on Monday the 21st. I did my 3rd injection this morning!

The important stuff starts on Thursday (CD 13), with our first lining check.

Today was labs on CD 10, Estradiol was 620 and progesterone was 0.5; so that looks good (though now I have to go home and do the comparison)! I’m anxious for this cycle to go well! I want to get to transfer so bad, and see T&I and Fiona! I haven’t had hardly ANY cramping this time around… I don’t know if that’s good or bad, or if it means nothing…

We found out Kenneth has to be away for training from the 3rd through the 11th, so I may end up having to take Kent with me to transfer! In some ways it would be nice for me (he will be a HUGE helper with getting things for me while I’m on bed rest), and I know it would actually be fun for us to have a couple days to just hang out together. I know we’d have a good time, we’d play games and watch TV and just hang out… I just feel bad to change things up for my IPs; I’m still waiting to see what their thoughts or ideas are since I told them the news last night!

So, fingers crossed, we’ll know more within a week! :)


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