Ready for the New Year!

It’s so hard to not think about surrogacy and wonder “what’s next” all the time!! The matching phase is probably going to be the hardest for me, just not knowing who I might meet and if they’re the right couple, and all the comes along with that.

My FIPs sent us a very sweet Christmas card and very generous gift check, and I was so touched to hear from them. We had sent them a book I found a little while ago (Let Me Hold You Longer) that I thought was SO sweet!

I hadn’t ever had the TS conversation with them, but in my gut I just have the feeling that they aren’t going to be interested – but I did decide to let them know that if they ever want to consider that as a way to build their family I would be so honored to carry for them again.

I haven’t heard anything recently from the agencies I’ve contacted – I know it’s the Holidays and everyone is busy with family right now, so I figure I won’t push to follow up until we’re into the New Year.

I know 2009 is going to be amazing, and just can’t wait to see all the things the coming year brings my family. I am really hoping and praying one of those amazing things is Kenneth graduating from college – that I can’t WAIT for!! :)


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