3dp3dt – the urge to POAS is starting to kick in

I KNOW I need to hold out a couple more days, but man the urge is starting to hit me! I want to go buy a bunch of HPTs so bad! I’m only 8 days past trigger though, I KNOW I need to wait a couple more days at least – and I know this was a FET and we didn’t get a positive until 7dp3dt last time… PATIENCE!!

I’m back at work today, but utterly distracted. I’m trying to throw myself into work (there’s PLENTY to do), and help the time go faster, but its hard.

I was feeling fairly nauseated in the car this morning, and a few little twinges in that same spot on the right, but not as much as yesterday… stick little babies stick!!

I've been looking back over my journal entries from Fiona's transfer to "contrast and compare" everything I'm experiencing... it's really cool - the day of the week we transferred her was a Friday as well, with a beta 12 dpt on a Wednesday; identical to this transfer! I thought that was really cool! :)


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