2dp3dt check in!

It's the evening on my 2nd day after transfer - feeling a lot of strong twinging low on the right hand side - it will be interesting to see if that keeps up!

I'm having a lot of fatigue and waves of nausea today (I assume it must be the increased dose of progesterone I'm on now).

I'll pick up a couple more brand name HPTs tomorrow or some time this week and start testing on Friday most likely - which will be 7dp3dt and almost 2 full weeks since the trigger, if we get a positive I'll just be cautiously optimistic until it gets darker from there...

I'm so tired and ready for bed and I did NOTHING all day! I spent almost the full day on the couch laying down and my husband just hit me in the eye with a balled up sock so I need to go kill him.

Today is Kent's 10th birthday!! Where does the time go??!


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