Hormonal, Again!

What a fun couple of days it’s been! My baseline on Thursday went swimmingly. Although my period didn’t actually start until Saturday! Things were nice and thin at a 3-4mm on Thursday, and my hormone levels were good. I started estrogen Saturday morning, and I think I only have 2 or 3 more lupron injections. I’ve done really well on it actually – no major side affects that I am aware of. I’ve had a few headaches and a few grouchy moments, and since starting estrogen several tears for no reason episodes!! Ack! I think it gets a little harder on me each cycle; I’ve put a lot of hormones in my body over the last couple of years, and especially since February… I just keep hoping and praying SO hard that this is the cycle that gets us to transfer. I’m so ready for this to happen, and I know T&I are as well!

Aside from the cycle starting, Kent, Kenneth and I went to spend Friday and Saturday with Brant & Andrea and her family and had such a great time! It flew by, and I brought home a lovely sunburn as a souvenir! :) Kent practically lived in the lake while were there, and just had a wonderful time. Kenneth enjoyed having a couple of guys to converse with, and smoke a cigar with! (Bleck!)

I haven’t heard from T&I since June 15th and am getting a little worried, so I will try calling them today to see what’s going on. Hopefully its just computer issues – but I want to make sure they know I’ve been trying to send them updates, and let them know our cycle is up and running! :)


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