Getting a foster puppy!!

I’m so excited! I finally talked Kenneth into bringing on another foster dog. We haven’t had one for quite awhile. This one is preggers and they think she’s due in about 1 month. We’re picking her up on Sunday in Conyers! I can’t wait! I just want to get through the initial “meet everyone” and get all the dogs settled, and see how she does with them. I don’t really know much about her history – they pulled her from the shelter when her time was up. I was sent a picture, and she’s a very cute bassett hound with the big droopy eyes.

We’re working on setting her up a nice cozy place in the basement where she’ll stay whenever we’re not home, so she’ll be familiar with that space and comfortable when the puppies are born – it will give her plenty of peace and quiet away from the other dogs as well, which they will all need once the puppies are here.

I can’t wait to play with puppies, and then see them find their homes! Yay!!


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