One hurdle down!

Susy from GRS called me back yesterday, I was SOO HAPPY to finally hear the report on my labs. Thankfully everything looked good. My insulin was normal, my glucose was actually pretty low (if the number was truly correct) after the 2-hours, my B-12 and Iron were borderline but ok (but they asked me to take supplements, since it can’t hurt) and my AMH was fine. Yeah!! Great news! I was very, very happy that everything is ok. She said I won’t have to take the metformin which is good.

I sent T&I an e-mail and asked if they want me to be doing OPKs or anything else in addition to my charting my BBT right now. GRS will probably bring me in soon for another u/s to see what’s going on and how my cycle is progressing and whether or not we might get to transfer this month. I’m not holding my breath, I don’t trust that my body is fully back in synch yet. But I do think I’m getting there, and every week helps. I’m drinking that tea too, which I think will help at least a little. I have one acupuncture session left and thought about seeing if T&I are willing to let me use it now, and see if there’s a certain session that will help with hormonal regulation, or something along those lines.

In any event, that was one more hurdle we passed, and I’m happy about that! I really am thankful that despite all the cycling issues we’ve had, at least I’ve always passed any tests with flying colors, and that nothing is ever “wrong” that can be pinpointed. For whatever reason, I may not respond correctly or “normally” to GS meds, but at least my body seems to be ok still!


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