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Almond Flour Cookies

I've been working on using the random ingredients I have stashed away in my freezer and pantry these past couple months, and getting more organized with meal planning. Being more intentional about what we're eating and not just buying groceries and then figuring out what to do with them after the fact. I've gotten into a bad habit of thinking a whole lot of things are "pantry staples" and then things don't always get used in a very timely manner, or at all.  One of those ingredients is almond flour! I bought several gluten free flours awhile back and haven't really made much of a dent in them. I figured it was time to pull them out, see if they're still good, and see what we can make with them! My first almond flour recipe is this cookie. I will be honest - I cannot taste ANYTHING right now (well, very little). I'm a week into COVID and healing slowly, but my smell and taste are definitely affected. I am relying very heavily on my family for their

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