The anticipation may seriously kill me

Today was another ok appointment – thicker lining, at about 6.5-7mm (there is mucous in there again). My follicles are going CRAZY now and are all getting really big, and there are a LOT of them… I didn’t keep track when she was rattling off numbers, but at least 30 if not more, several in the 14-17mm range. She said something to the effect of “Good Lord woman!” when she started the ovary scan… I was cracking up! In any event, they can’t let me go much longer with how big the follicles are. She does not want to trigger me tonight, she said something about letting me coast 1 day (no meds) to see if the endometrium will thicken a little more, and recheck I assume Saturday or Sunday, trigger and transfer mid next week… I’m NERVOUS… I hate all this “what will it look like this time” when I go in for my ultrasounds; the uncertainty is killing me! I’m glad we’re getting there, but at the same time I feel like we’re SO close, let’s just DO IT!!

Dr. Kaplan said she may even want to retrieve a few of the eggs to keep me from hyperstimming, because of how many there are… that would be interesting… at least I’d know what it’s like. The good thing about all of this, is I feel more confident about being able to respond correctly on the meds an ED uses, and able to produce a decent amount of eggs – quality is more important than quantity, but there’s no way to know what kind of quality they are until an actual retrieval is done… just ramblings of my mind after today’s appointment! I am anxiously waiting my instructional phone call – I hope, hope, hope my recheck is VERY soon.


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