What will today bring?

I’m waiting to see what today will bring in terms of a game plan/news from the clinic. Joyce, the nurse who was at the clinic on Sunday set me up for the follicular reduction/egg retrieval on Tuesday at 9:10am. I took my trigger injection last night at about 9:10pm. I was warned the shot would burn, so I numbed my stomach about 4 hours prior with the EMLA cream, I didn’t feel anything during the injection so I kept wondering if I was doing something wrong – but I think the cream just did the trick!! I pushed the fluid REALLY slowly too, so I don’t know if that helped or not. I have a heavy feeling down low today, and woke up with a slightly lower temp than I’ve had the last week or so – so maybe this is the pre-ovulation dip since the hcg should case me to ovulate tomorrow. This is all so new to me, and so different than the cycles I’ve been on before… I have no idea what comes next! I’m hoping I will hear from someone at the clinic soon with all the details on if transfer is going to happen, what meds will I be on, when do I need to start them, when do we know for sure if we’re going to transfer… so many questions and details! T, I, and I are so excited and hopeful! I just cannot wait for it to finally be “real” – to hear that it is going to happen, and then to be there on Friday and be PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)!! I’ve got my wardrobe planned out and everything – going to wear some sweatpants and my “The Doctor Knocked Me Up” shirt – and hopefully get a picture or two for T&I since they won’t get to be here for it all.

They sent me Halloween pictures of Fiona – oh my gosh, she’s the cutest little Red Riding Hood I’ve ever seen!! :) I am so blessed!!


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