This week is flying by!

I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday; the last couple of days have just flown by! Things have been busy at work, and I was introduced to a wonderful local IM on Monday by a surrogate who goes to the same OBGYN as I do in Hiram; she got my info from a surro who found me on SMO… small world moment! :)

I have an appointment for Monday the 22nd to meet with Dr. Kaplan at GRS to discuss her recommendations for cycling; I am hoping she’s in favor of a natural cycle. But if not, I am still very curious to hear her suggestions after she had the chance to look over my chart. She’s already very familiar with me, so I’m sure she probably had some thoughts already. We shall see! I just hope and PRAY we’re doing something by October, I still cannot believe we’ve been cycling since February with nothing yet… I just can’t believe that much time has already passed! I’m so ready to be moving forward again!

I trust and believe everything happens for a reason, but it will sure be nice to KNOW why, instead of still being in the wondering stage! :)

My cycle is still pretty whacky right now. I will also ask Dr. Kaplan about that when I go in on Monday and take her a copy of my charts from Fertility Friend. My temps stay around 97.3 most of the time, I’m not showing any clear signs of ovulating, and have been off meds for around 40 days now. I am obviously not “reset” quite yet… I keep hoping SOON though! I ordered some hormonal balance tea that is supposed to help regulate… whatever it takes, I just would prefer to not use MORE medications in an attempt to straighten things out, I feel like my system has had enough of that! I know it can take up to 3 months to get back to “normal” and its only been just over 1 so far.

I guess that’s it for now! I hope to have some good info in the next few days after my appointment next week.


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