My first night visiting...

I cannot believe I am here, in their home... really and truly! It still feels surreal!

Fiona... she is such a cutie pie! She is talkative and starting to walk - toddling all over the place. She looks SO MUCH like her mom and dad... I only freaked her out once, they let me bathe her and I'd only been here 15 minutes, so I think that was too much alone time without enough introduction I think! She's so BIG!!

I am having a hard time wrapping my head and emotions around it all... seriously... I have no connection with Fiona, but yet I just love her and her family so much... I mean I carried that little person, nurtured and loved her for months... and she doesn't know me from Adam... its weird! I knew that's how it would be, but its different seeing it/experiencing it in person... It's a unique feeling! Being here and seeing them, brings all the memories and feelings of our first journey, that led up to this point rushing back! I am feeling very nostalgic!

I am just so happy to be here, and thankful for my wonderful IPs yet again. They are just the best! I love their puppy too! He spent the last hour on my lap "sharing" his fur with my clothes!!

I didn't take any pics tonight, but will definitely pull out the camera tomorrow...


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