Ultrasound Number Two… Hanging In There!

I had another lining check yesterday to see what was going on, and if I’m making progress. My lining has grown from a 3.4 last Friday to a 5.3mm as of yesterday, and the pattern is a B+ (Cooper considers that triple striped). So it’s looking better! I got a phone call at 4:00pm that Cooper hadn’t received results yet, and I went into a brief panic trying to get a hold of someone at GRS that could help – thankfully they really are very responsive and within a half hour I have a call saying it was taken care of and Cooper confirmed receipt. Shortly after, I was called back with instructions to stay on my current dosage (which was upped to 6 pills daily after my first lining check) with another scan on Thursday. My IPs and I had asked Cooper on Monday if they’d be willing to let me transfer at a thinner lining and were told yes! So Terri showed the RE my ultrasound results and I was told that we should be good to go by Thursday, they just want me over a 6mm!! Oh my gosh!! I got so excited when she said that!!! I will believe it when I “see” it – but I am excited for sure!!

I went back and looked over my cycling history:
June/July 2006 CD16 8mm, fluid filled - canceled
Mock July/August 2006 CD19 9mm TL, fluid filled - canceled
Aug/Sept 2006 CD14 6.7mm (deteriorated after that) - canceled
Oct/Nov 2006 CD15 7-8mm IE (TRANSFERRED)
Jan/Feb 2008 CD11 8-9mm, irregular pattern; CD14 6.9mm IE, fluid filled - canceled
April/May 2008 CD17 6.6 TL, deteriorated after that – canceled

So I should definitely be able to get over a 6mm with a good lining pattern – here’s hoping and praying for GREAT news tomorrow!!


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