Tomorrow... tomorrow!!

Less than 24 hours to go!! Woo hoo!! :) I can't wait!! I spent some time this morning reading back over my old blog and pregnancy with Fiona!! :) Aww... Still hard to believe how much time has passed since her pregnancy! I am glad my body has had plenty of time to recoup and know I will be in good shape for this pregnancy.

I'm tired and had to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom last night. I've been having issues already with off and on leg cramps. It actually started almost as soon as my positive pregnancy tests started showing up. I had several within a week and now they're just every now and then. I'm also having a skin issue I have reoccur after not bothering me at all for YEARS!! It's so weird! I don't know if its all the progesterone and estrogen I'm on or the pregnancy hormones or what! They are little bumps on my finger that hurt sometimes. I hope they will go away again soon!

I'm crampy today and my stomach is ok for the most part, just some mild nausea. I am so excited that we'll officially be 7 weeks tomorrow!! So much better than 6 weeks! :D Yay!!

We have some errands to run this evening and are probably going to grab dinner out then hopefully we'll get home at a decent hour so there can be an early bedtime for me! Every morning I wake up and just want so much to throw the covers back over my head! I've been craving Waffle House cheese eggs & raisin toast (don't ask me why - I don't think I've ever even ordered that before and haven't eaten at a Waffle House in about 6+ months, but that's what I want!!) So I think that's where we're going to go for dinner! :D


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