11dp3dt - almost beta day!

I cannot wait, wait, wait for our beta numbers tomorrow! :) Tonight is the last test I am taking. Clearblue digital popped up pregnant very quickly again this morning and my Answer test from last night showed a darker line too. I still wish it was darker but as my wise friend Shara Khon said to me "The darkness of the line does not matter. It's like saying, "If it's light, you are only a little pregnant."" I love that!! :D Doesn't remove that obsessive desire to see a darker line, but still was a good reminder.

We are all so looking forward to hearing our actual beta numbers and then starts more obsessing and comparing and anxiously counting down until the next beta!! :) I don't know how many beta tests they'll do or when they schedule first ultrasounds, but hopefully within a couple weeks we should have an u/s scheduled!! YAY!!

I am feeling pretty much the same as yesterday. Very queasy upset stomach this morning, sore chest, lots of achy sensations still and extremely tired. Bed sounds so good... I sleep like a ROCK at night and just wake up exhausted. The great news is PIO shots seem to really be going well this time around! I am THRILLED!! No major soreness to report! That makes me very happy, I will happily endure all other symptoms and trust it means there is a happy and healthy baby growing and I am SO thrilled to be part of it! :)

Now the countdown 'til tomorrow's blood draw and then the torture of waiting for a call back!! ACK!! :D


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