Beta update!

23dp3dt my hcg level was 5,129! My hcg is doubling every 50.8 hours or every 2.1 days.

The doubling time is nice and steady and the clinic was happy with how everything is looking. I'm staying on all my same meds and was supposed to get a call back from a nurse to schedule my ultrasound for Wednesday or Thursday but haven't heard back yet. I will have to call them today and get that set up.

"L" asked for Wednesday, so I'm hoping for the morning of the 31st - I'll be 6 weeks 6 days on that day, so we should be able to see a beautiful little heartbeat. Fiona's first ultrasound was at 7 weeks and I remember it felt like forever until we finally were able to get in and see her, but this time it doesn't feel like its so far away for some reason... I am enjoying the clinic's laid back approach to monitoring and think its probably a good thing to wait until that point to do an u/s as you probably will have a better idea of knowing if you have a viable pregnancy at that point as opposed to doing a bunch of early scans too. Of course, I am 100% sure we only have one baby too, and part of the excitement of getting an early ultrasound is to find out how many are baking but I already know that part!! :D I keep thinking of the baby as "him" and Kent told me yesterday (twice) he's a boy too - so I guess our early predictions are in!

I felt pretty icky yesterday. I had the day off for appointments and so I got to sleep in some and relax in the morning. Went to IHOP for some pancakes and then did some errands before the first appointment. I ended up loosing some of my breakfast while running errands - I felt so queasy and sick for a good 30 minutes and then it just wouldn't stay down. I am pretty sure that was actually from being pregnant, not just the way I sometimes get sick to my stomach because of what I've eaten due to my gastric bypass - which I still struggle with every now and then.

I will be 6 weeks tomorrow! Yay! :) Another little milestone! Can't wait for the next 6 weeks to pass safely and uneventfully and be well on our way to the 2nd trimester.


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