Today we're 2dp3dt!! Yay! :) One day closer to the weekend (when I hope to actually see double)! My lower stomach/uterus is REALLY crampy this AM, not twinges, just this almost bloated heavy sensation but its constant. Maybe its because I'm sitting today instead of laying with my feet stretched out like I've been enjoying the last couple of days! I hope the embabies are deciding to stick around and start the implantation process within the next 24 hours!! It's amazing to have such a specific timeline and really be able to know when things should be taking place.

This is from http://www.advancedfertility.com/embryotransfer.htm:
A healthy human embryo will hatch from its shell on day 5-7 after fertilization and implant within hours after hatching out. So actual invasion of the embryo with attachment to the uterine wall occurs about 2-5 days after a day 3 transfer and within 1-3 days after a day 5 transfer.

So implantation could be happening as soon as today! Amazing to think about those little cells dividing furiously and hopefully burrowing in and settling down for the long haul! :) Of course for my own sanity I hope we have an early implanter so I'll get a positive sooner! :D

I stayed up really late last night working on formatting for work, and am running on about 5 hours of sleep, I'm tired! I'm ready for a nap. Hoping tonight won't end up being TOO late of a night for us!

I am still sore in one spot from the PIO shots, but other than that one (which I'm now beginning to think is a bruise from rubbing too hard), the injections are going smoothly (knock on wood)!

I am having smell issues - I noticed when I started on progesterone I was a little sensitive to some things, but already this morning in Starbucks it smelled like sour milk to me by the counter, and then at work I ate a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip granola bar and it tasted like onions in my mouth (weird?!) and just now in the break room it smells like hot dogs to me... also weird!!!


  1. I just realized you had a 3dt! WOW! Ok so the sense of smell thing is good! as for the PIO, I am still itching from my shot 2 weeks ago...BAD....but I am not itching from last weeks? Strange...anyway I have my fingers so crossed for you! Can't wait til you POAS! I got my + at 4.5dp5dt! IT was totally faint but there....

  2. I am starting to itch now too from the PIO! I was sore from one of my shots about 3 days ago and now I'm sore from last nights show (one on each side, just to even it out)! :D If I'm pregnant, I'm not even 3 weeks yet - only 9 more weeks of shots, HAHA!! :D Thanks for the positive thoughts, I can't wait to start testing at the end of the week!!


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