8dp3dt Quick PM Check In

Had a pretty good afternoon - we found a stray kitty and took it to the animal shelter where it will hopefully have a fantastic chance at finding a great new home (he was young and SUPER cute so I'm sure he will!! I wish we could have a kitty right now, but 5 dogs is PLENTY)! Then we stopped and played at the park for a little while. Kent and Kenneth ran around on the play ground and I sipped some sprite for my nauseated stomach. Then we played frisbee on the soccer field for awhile - that was really fun! It was a beautiful afternoon and was GREAT to get out in the fresh air. I was careful not to over do it, but I was pretty tired when we left there. We stopped for a couple items at the store on the way home and by then I really was at the end of my limit for the day. I just got grumpy! I was hungry and exhausted. We made fajitas for dinner and they were DELICIOUS. I gobbled 2 of them down before either of the guys had gotten half way through theirs. Yumm!

I've been resting with my feet up for the most part since we got home. My PIO shot is heating right now, and I took my evening Answer brand HPT just an hour and a half ago and it looks GREAT!! Every test is that much more reassurance and adds to my excitement for Thursday's beta!

I can't wait for a great night of sleep! :)


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