It's Ultrasound Week!

Finally ultrasound week is here!! Countdown is on to Thursday!! I can't wait to take a sneak peek and see how this little one is growing. I feel like things are going to be just PERFECT but its always SO much more reassuring to know for sure that they are then to just guess based off of blood tests and how I'm feeling!

It was a nice weekend! We grilled out on Friday night and I picked up a watermelon and made some macaroni and cheese to go with the meal. It was a little too chilly outside to eat out on the deck, but we did anyway! :) We made a fire in our little fire pit in the yard and huddled around it and toasted some marshmallows too while the sun was setting. It was a nice evening.

Saturday I really enjoyed sleeping in 'til about 10:00 am and then eventually decided I could not, in fact, sleep the day away so I struggled up and got moving. We packed a picnic lunch and around 1:00 we headed to the National Park on the Chattahoochee River. It was a very nice day, a little cool but sunny and so clear. The water was beautiful! We found a nice little spot by the river to eat our lunch, then put everything away and went for a walk. We let Kent splash in the River for a little while then found a path that followed one of the streams that leads into the river where the water was calmer and shallow. It was really peaceful and quiet, and so pretty. Kent and Kenneth skipped stones and I enjoyed all the fresh air! I had a few moments of sickness and was having a hard time getting going in the morning but I was really glad I did and was glad we went and look forward to more park visits in the future. Kent wasn't too thrilled about going but he really seemed to have fun while we were there. Hopefully he will learn to love going to the park as much as I did when I was his age!

On Sunday morning I had a REALLY hard time getting up and going, I felt really lousy and wanted to sleep in so bad. But I have my 2 years old class to watch at the 9:00 service on Sunday so I made myself get up and go. I always love watching the kids and I felt a little better by the end of the class. Service was good, and we went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch afterwards which was super yummy. I napped for a couple hours when we got back to the house while Kent worked on purging some of his toys and books - he did good and filled up a whole big bin! We've still go to do some rearranging and more cleaning out but it was a good start.

I was actually hungry a lot yesterday because I didn't feel all that queasy most of the afternoon. I'm going to have to work on how much I snack on the days I'm not so sick to my stomach.

I'm looking forward to the week and really, really looking forward to Thursday!! Hope it gets here SOON! :)


  1. Sound like an awesome weekend! We finally broke in our fire pit last week! :)

  2. Did y'all love it Holly? I love pulling ours out! We don't use it nearly as often as I'd like. I could sit around a fire all night every night, weather permitting. I love that smoky smell. :D


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